Rates for 2022/23

Information is available showing the breakdown of the Wellington City Council rates.


Rates are based on your property's capital value, land use and whether it receives targeted rates or is non-rateable. 

This year's rates are based on the property revaluation as at 1 September 2021. You will have been notified about your property’s revaluation by Quotable Value (Council’s valuation service provider) in December 2021. 

Changes to rateable value of Wellington properties has impacted the share of rates that each property pays. 

Overall, the increase in rates is 8%, but some properties will have increases higher than the 8%, or a reduction if the property value increase was lower than the average increase of 52%.  

Find out more about valuations:
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The table below shows the median 2022-2023 Wellington City Council rates (GST inclusive) by suburb as well as the median change from last year. The data does not show the Greater Wellington Regional Council rates. 

Within each suburb, there will be properties with rates higher and lower than the median for the suburb. Some suburbs with a small number of properties are also excluded.

The data is based on rates assessed as at 15 July 2022.

Rates changes by suburb

Rates changes by suburb

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