CBD rates payment extension

As part of our pandemic relief plan, retail and hospitality businesses within the city centre can apply for their Quarter 4 rates payment to be extended.

We're aware that COVID-19 has placed unusual financial stress on retail and hospitality businesses in the CBD. This is why we're offering those businesses more time to pay their rates.

This extension applies only to Quarter 4 rates payment, due 1 June 2022.

All eligible businesses will have until 1 December 2022 to pay this instalment without incurring penalty. Please note that interest on the unpaid rates will be charged at the end of the extension period. This will be calculated on a daily basis at 2 per cent per annum on the outstanding deferred rates balance.

Who can apply for the rates payment extension

Owners of properties used mainly for retail or hospitality purposes can apply for the rates payment extension if they:

  • are within the Wellington CBD (refer to map below)
  • agree to pass on the payment time extension to any tenants/lessees or other occupiers who pay or contribute to rates under their lease/licence or other occupancy arrangement (if applicable); and
  • have no current outstanding rates due and payable.

Map of eligible areas

Wellington CBD boundary map (1.2MB PDF)

Online version of boundary map

How to apply for the rates payment time extension

Applying for your rates extension is simple. Enter your details in the online form and we will extend the timeframe your rates are due. 

You will need:

  • full address of the property for which you are applying
  • your contact phone number and email address
  • your rate account number. 

Apply online

Alternatively, you can download the print form:

Quarter 4 rates extension application form (104KB PDF)

Send your completed form by freepost to:
Q4 Rates Deferral (141)
PO Box 2199
Wellington 6140

Or drop it off at:
Arapaki Library and Service Centre
12 Manners Street

Contact us

For help or more information, contact:

Rates team
Email: rates@wcc.govt.nz