Working together to reduce graffiti vandalism

We're working with the community to stop graffiti and tagging on public and private property.

Newtown School students painting Carrara Park substation.
Newtown School students create a mural on graffiti-prone Carrara Park substation

In 2012, we spent $550,000 removing graffiti - and that doesn't include the costs of private graffiti removal or prevention.

We can all work together to stop graffiti on public and private property. A strong community response sends a clear message that we don't want or allow graffiti vandalism.
Graffiti can attract other types of crime to the community and make an area feel less safe. Neighbourhoods with a lot of graffiti may also see a decrease in property values, less business growth, and fewer people using public transport.

What you can do

  • Remove graffiti on your property – it’s your responsibility.
  • Remove graffiti within 24 hours –  removing it quickly is one of the most effective ways to prevent further tagging. Be persistent.
  • Report graffiti vandalism in public areas as soon as you can.
  • If you’re a property owner, make it harder to access to wall spaces by landscaping, planting or lighting – see the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles.
  • Encourage your neighbours to quickly remove graffiti from their properties.
  • Organise a community clean-up in your area.
  • Encourage your community to paint murals on graffiti-prone walls or fences.
  • Retailers – don’t sell spray cans to people under 18 (it’s against the law). Keep spray cans in covered displays and always ask for ID.

What the Council does

On Council property, we remove:

  • offensive graffiti within 4 hours
  • highly visible graffiti within 24 hours
  • all other graffiti within 3 working days.

We work with the Police, community groups, property owners, retailers, utility companies, transport companies, schools and graffiti-removal contractors.

  • We’re setting up agreements with utility companies for our graffiti removal contractors to remove tagging from electricity and telecommunications cabinets.
  • Our graffiti removal contractors will support community groups to clean up their neighbourhoods.
  • Our contractors’ equipment and work sites will be kept free of graffiti vandalism as part of the contracts we have with them.
  • We work with communities to encourage murals in graffiti-prone areas.

Read more about what we're doing about graffiti in our communities in the Graffiti Vandalism Management Plan.

Graffiti vandalism discovered by the public is reported to the Council, and we monitor our service and progress with an annual customer satisfaction survey (267KB PDF) and visual survey of graffiti vandalism (1.6MB PDF).