Blank It Out - Report a Removal

As a Blank It Out volunteer, you can report removals to us via our online form.

Two men painting over graffiti with colourful paints and the Blank It Out logo in the corner of the frame.
Fraser Sewell & Howard Tonga paint hoardings outside the Newtown Public Library during the Newtown Clean Up Project

We can all work together to stop graffiti on public and private property. A strong community response sends a clear message that graffiti vandalism is not acceptable.

The Council manages a database that records tags that have been removed. The information you provide will help up maintain keep that data up-to-date. 

We need to record information about any tag removed by Blank It Out volunteers from public property.

Report a removal

You can submit a report via the orange button below. You report will need to include:

  • date and time the graffiti was removed
  • location and type of property
  • description of the tag
  • before and after photos.

Report a removal

Report graffiti on the go

If you see someone tagging, call the Police on 111.

If you see any graffiti on Council property, you can report it online:

Report a problem

More information

Delly Ranginui
Graffiti Volunteer Coordinator

 Phone  (04) 499 4444