Create a driveway or kerb

If you're adding or altering a driveway or kerb, you need to apply for a vehicle crossing first.

The design and construction of the driveway must comply with the District Plan and the Code of Practice for Land Development.

To get the vehicle crossing approved depends on the location, gradient, width of crossing and road.

If you're doing maintenance to an existing vehicle crossing or driveway, or constructing a new crossing, you need a Corridor Access Request.


Before you apply

Check if you need a building or resource consent

You may need a resource consent if you’re adding or altering a driveway, kerb or channel in a residential area.

Find out if you need a resource consent

If you’re building a new house, you’ll be asked if there’s a suitable existing vehicle crossing in your building consent. If there’s not, you need to apply for a vehicle crossing with your building consent.

Applying for a building consent

Talk to your neighbours

In your application, you may need to provide a written agreement from neighbours if your driveway goes in front, or is close to the side of their property.

Check if anything needs to be relocated

Items may need to be relocated depending on their location to the vehicle crossing. Assess the area around the crossing and check if any of these items may need to be relocated:


Apply for a vehicle crossing

We recommend engaging a professional to help you with your application.

Using an agent to prepare your application

1. Complete the application form

In your application you should include:

  • a site plan that shows the complete building property boundaries and the location of the proposed vehicle crossing
  • the location of other features that may affect the proposed location of the vehicle crossing, including:
    • trees
    • power poles
    • streetlights
    • transformers
    • drainage pits and manholes
    • bus stops and shelters
    • cabinets
    • road signs
  • any supporting photos. 

Send your completed application form to

2. We’ll send you an invoice

Once we receive you application we’ll send you an invoice for $633, including GST. 

The fee covers processing charges and two field inspections, including:

  • pre-pour inspection
  • final inspection.

3. We’ll let you know if your application has been approved or declined 

4. Book your inspections

To book both your pre-pour and final inspections, email


Vehicle crossing drawings

You can get Council's current set of vehicle crossing drawings and specifications that include:

  • vehicle scraping mitigation drawing
  • kerb/footpath/berm vehicle crossing
  • raised channel vehicle crossing
  • lowered footpath vehicle crossing.

See the drawings: Road design and construction - Code of practice for land development 2012 (pages 12-15)


Ongoing maintenance of the vehicle crossing

All ongoing maintenance and repairs to the vehicle crossing is the property owner’s responsibility. 


Need help?

Email or phone our Contact Centre on 04 499 4444 to arrange for one of our Vehicle Access Engineers to contact you.