Build a house

Find out which Council permissions you might need to build a new house.

Resource consent

You'll need resource consent if your project does not comply with the rules of the District Plan.

To find out if you need resource consent, you can:

Note: If you're planning to build a tiny house, you may need a resource consent – even if it's on wheels. Tiny houses are considered to be a household unit, so the rules of our District Plan and the Building Code still apply.

Resource consents

Building consent

You need a building consent for any building that is over 10m2 or will have sanitary or cooking facilities.

Building consents

Other permissions you may need

If the land is subject to natural hazards

We can’t grant a building consent for new buildings or major alterations on land with natural hazards if doing the work would make the situation worse.

Building consents for land subject to natural hazards

If you're creating or changing a driveway or kerb

If you're creating a new driveway or doing work that will affect the existing driveway or kerb, you'll need vehicle access permission.

Create or change a driveway or kerb

If the work will encroach on the legal road

You may also need an encroachment licence if you're building on, over or under the legal road.


If the work will affect Council land

Wellington’s topography means you may sometimes need to use the road for your car deck or garage, or structures such as steps, fences or walls.

Using Council-owned land for private purposes

Other fees that may apply

Development contributions

If you're building a new house, you may need to pay a development contribution.

Development contributions