Building consent fee rebates

If you have completed strengthening work you may be eligible for a rebate on the building consent fees.

How building consent fee rebates work

When carrying out seismic work you can apply for a building consent fee rebate.

The rebate that applies is:

  • 10% of the Council related building consent fee, up to a maximum of $5,000 per consent. The 10% rebate does not apply to third party charges included in the building consent fee, such as the Building Research Levy. 

To receive this incentive:

  • you must have completed seismic work, and have received a certificate of code compliance
  • the Council must have confirmed that your building is no longer earthquake-prone
  • the building consent must be for seismic work, and
  • you must apply within 12 months of your EPB notice being uplifted.

Apply for a fee rebate

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