Carrying out other building work on an earthquake-prone building

If you’re doing unrelated building work you may be required to carry out strengthening early.

Why you may need to carry out seismic work early

While your building has an earthquake-prone building notice you may want to carry out alterations to your building unrelated to seismic work, such as an office fitout or a reroof.

If you end up carrying out substantial alterations to your building while it is still earthquake-prone you will trigger a requirement to carry out seismic work at the same time, regardless of how much time is remaining on your notice. Broadly speaking you’re considered to be carrying out substantial alterations when you spend more than a quarter of your building’s value on alterations unrelated to seismic work within a 2-year period.

If you think you may be carrying out substantial alterations, contact the Building Consents team for advice.

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