Earthquake-prone building owners survey 2021-2022

We asked earthquake-prone building owners about the progress of their seismic works.

Wellington is a seismically active city and as such we have been identifying at-risk buildings towards improving resilience for over 15 years.

We engage with building owners of Earthquake Prone Buildings (EPBs) towards resolving their EPB statuses while also acting as the regulator enforcing the provisions of the Building Act.

Since the programme began, our Resilient Buildings team has assessed around 8,440 buildings within Wellington city and found more than 1,100 to be earthquake prone. Of those, approximately 520 have been remediated and removed from the list of at-risk buildings as of September 2022. This leaves around 600 earthquake-prone buildings that require seismic work completed by the year 2037. About 320 EPBs are currently required to be remediated by the year 2027, a mere 5 years from September 2022.

In order to understand more about the logistics of property owners’ progress regarding seismic work and the challenges they face, our team sought progress updates via the Earthquake-prone Building Owner Survey during May 2021 - June 2022. The results of this survey have been collated and reviewed into a full document and a summary.

Read what the results say below:

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