Building or altering multi-unit housing developments

Special resource consent rules can apply to properties with two or more houses on them – these are known as "multi-unit developments".

How it works

Depending on where you live, having more than one dwelling on your property might make it a "multi-unit development". This includes apartment buildings, townhouses, and properties with granny flats, second dwellings or tiny homes.

A multi-unit development is:

  • a property with two or more household units in the Inner Residential Area and Medium Density Residential Area
  • a property with two or more household units in any Outer Residential Area site located within the Residential Coastal Edge area
  • a property with three or more household units in the Outer Residential Area.

Note: In the Outer Residential Area, you are allowed up to two residential dwellings on the one property title without needing a resource consent. However, you'll need a resource consent if the dwellings do not comply with the relevant Residential Rules and Standards in the District Plan – for example, car parking and site coverage.

Check which activity area your property is in

To find out which rules apply to you, enter your address into our ePlan and check the zoning under the Map Legend.

ePlan – our District Plan online

Resource consents for multi-unit developments

You need a resource consent if you plan to:

  • build a new multi-unit development – for example, building three townhouses on a single site
  • add a house to a site that will create a multi-unit development – including adding a granny flat or tiny home
  • do alterations to the inside of a house that will create an additional unit on the property
  • do any alterations to the outside of a dwelling in a multi-unit development.

Applying for a resource consent

We recommend you meet with us before you apply for your resource consent to discuss your plans and get some advice.

Getting help with a building project

Resource consents

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