In-depth pre-app meeting - Paid

Meet us for an in-depth discussion before you submit a resource consent application.

Book an in-depth meeting

If you need resource consent, you can book a pre-application meeting to get in-depth feedback and guidance before you apply. This process can help you save time and money later.

Meeting charges

We charge $209.00 an hour per Council officer for in-depth meetings.

This cost ensures that we offer you tailored advice and guidance at the highest quality possible. The charge covers the time we spend:

  • preparing for the meeting
  • at the meeting
  • documenting and peer reviewing our advice
  • visiting the site, if requested.

You'll be sent an invoice and meeting notes after the meeting.

Example: Your project requires two Council officers for a one hour meeting. If each officer spends two hours in total preparing for, attending and recording the meeting, you will be charged $836.00 (four hours at $209.00 per hour).

Note: The costs of external resource / specialist consultants, for example consultant planners, urban designers and landscape architects, are passed on at their actual cost (as a disbursement).

Meeting type

There are two kinds of in-depth pre-application meeting:

  1. A standard pre-application meeting – Meet with us at our offices to get detailed feedback and notes on your proposal
  2. A comprehensive pre-application meeting – We will visit your proposed development site and meet with you to discuss possible issues, potential affected parties and mitigations.

If your proposal is complex, you may need multiple meetings before you're ready to apply.

If you're project isn't quite ready for an in-depth meeting, you may prefer our free meeting to get your project started.

Contact us

The Resource Consents team is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Phone: 04 801 3590