Specified systems and compliance schedules

Homes with cable cars and most commercial buildings contain specified systems that need regular inspections and maintenance.

Buildings with specified systems need a compliance schedule

It is a building owner’s responsibility to make sure their building is safe for people to occupy.

All buildings with specified systems have a compliance schedule that shows when those systems must be inspected and maintained.

Compliance schedules for new buildings

To get a copy of your building's current compliance schedule, use our compliance schedule search tool:

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Inspecting and maintaining specified systems

Inspecting and maintaining specified systems must be done by an independent qualified person (IQP).

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Annual building warrant of fitness (BWoF) checks

Every year you must supply building warrant of fitness (BWoF) documents that show you're meeting the requirements of your compliance schedule.

Building warrants of fitness (BWoFs)

Making changes to a specified system

If you make any changes to a specified system, you must update your compliance schedule.

Note: Make sure your building's tenants are aware of the requirements of your compliance schedule – for example, which walls are fire separations and must not be altered, and which paths are fire escapes and cannot be blocked. A building consent is required for any alterations or tenancy fit-outs that will affect the building's specified systems.

What it costs

Alterations and amendments to existing compliance schedule (linked to building consent) charged per hour


Minor compliance schedule amendments:

  • change of owner/agent
  • minor changes requested by owner/agent.

Minimum charge based on 15 minutes processing.


Additional processing time per hour


Form 11: Application for amendment to compliance schedule (73KB PDF)

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