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To meet the requirements of your compliance schedule, you'll need an independently qualified person (IQP) to inspect and maintain your building's specified systems.

Find an IQP

A building's specified systems must be inspected and maintained by an independent qualified person (IQP). An IQP must be qualified to inspect the specified systems they are verifying.

To check an IQP is registered as being qualified to maintain a specified system, go to

Building warrant of fitness (BWoF)

At the end of each year, each IQP you've engaged submits a certificate of compliance to show you've met the requirements of your compliance schedule. This forms part of your BWoF.

Building warrant of fitness (BWoF)

Keeping IQP records

You must keep reports from your IQPs with your compliance schedule for at least 2 years.

This includes records of:

  • inspections and tests
  • preventative maintenance
  • faults found
  • repair work.

Register as an IQP

Use this form if you want to register as an IQP, or if you're already registered and want to change your listing. We can only accept applications from individuals. Registration is valid for 12 months from 30 November. Applications may be considered for a specific part or a restricted part of a specified system.


  • $217.00 application fee plus $102.00 per specified system
  • $217.00 annual renewal fee (this is paid annually after initial registration)

You'll receive an invoice once your application has been accepted. Your application fee may be prorated if your registration will cover fewer than 9 months.

Independent Qualified Person (IQP) application for registration (146KB PDF)

Code of conduct

All IQP’s registered with Wellington City Council must follow our IQP Code of Conduct.

This code sets the values, principles and beliefs required to deliver building owners the specified system inspection work they require. It also sets standards for personal ethics by registered IQP’s to sustain safe and healthy buildings and workplaces.

IQP Code of Conduct (45KB PDF)

IQP’s submitting applications for registration or renewals can use the IQP Code of Conduct Declaration form, which includes a signature line.

IQP Code of Conduct Declaration (43KB PDF)


If you have concerns about the conduct of an IQP, complete the form below to make a complaint to the Wellington City Council IQP registration panel.

Your complaint must relate to a person who is a current IQP. The status of an IQP can be checked at

IQP Complaint form (86KB PDF)

Contact us

The Building Warrant of Fitness team is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Phone: 04 801 4311