Request a project information memorandum (PIM)

A PIM is a memorandum containing Council information that may affect a proposed building project. It's optional, but can highlight potential issues and reduce delays.

What a PIM includes

The information in a PIM depends on what we already know about your property and your project.

Once you have an idea of what you want to build and have some initial plans, a PIM can tell you whether or not your project needs resource consent, building consent and/or other approvals from the Council.

It also advises what to take into account for the more detailed design – for example, wind speed, special land features or the location of drains on your property.

A PIM might include:

  • compliance with District Plan requirements
  • potential erosion, slippage or flooding issues
  • the presence of any hazardous contaminants known to the Council
  • details on stormwater and sewerage systems and current drainage positions
  • any development contributions payable
  • the heritage status of an existing building
  • other relevant authorisation requirements (resource consents and bylaw approvals, for example vehicle access or encroachments).

When to get one

A PIM is optional – but we recommend you get one if your project is large or complex.

We recommend you apply for a PIM early to help you plan your project.


A PIM costs:

  • $676.00 for a single residential dwelling (including accessory buildings)
  • $811.50 for all other buildings.

A lodgement fee of $171.50 will also apply. Resource and vehicle access fees may apply.

All building consent fees

Submit your application

Apply for a PIM using the Simpli portal.

If you're requesting the PIM before you make your consent application, select the PIM tick box.

Apply online with Simpli

You'll receive an invoice through Simpli.

Apply online

After you've applied

We'll send you the PIM by email within 20 working days.

Contact us

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