Doing building work yourself

You may be able to do restricted building work on your home yourself if you meet the criteria for an owner-builder exemption.

Restricted building work

Anyone can do building work that's not restricted, but restricted building work usually has to be done by a licensed professional.

Generally, all work that requires a building consent will include restricted work.

Restricted building work – Building Performance

Owner-builder exemptions to do restricted work yourself

You can do restricted building work yourself as an owner-builder if you meet the following requirements:

  • You will live in the house (including as a holiday home).
  • You'll do the work yourself, or with the help of unpaid friends and family.
  • You haven't used the owner-builder exemption in another home in the last 3 years.

The work you do must comply with the Building Code and pass the inspections required by your building consent.

It will be recorded on your Land Information Memorandum (LIM) that you did the work yourself.

What you can't do as an owner-builder

Even if you have an owner-builder exemption, some specialised work must still be done by a qualified person. This includes:

  • drain-laying
  • electrical work
  • gas-fitting
  • plumbing.

Hiring professionals and tradespeople

Applying for an owner-builder exemption

Complete the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's statutory declaration form and attach it to your building consent application.

The form must be signed  by a Justice of the Peace or someone else authorised to witness statutory declarations.

Owner-builder statutory declaration – Building Performance

Giving notice if anything changes

Complete the notice form and email it to us if:

  • you decide not to do the work yourself
  • you decide to do the work yourself after you've applied for a building consent.

Owner-builder notice form – Building Performance

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