Quality assurance plans for complex building projects

Complex building projects use a quality assurance (QA) plan to show how the work meets the requirements of the building consent.

How it works

A quality assurance (QA) plan helps complex building projects demonstrate that the work meets the requirements of the building consent.

It outlines the checks and documentation that must be provided before we issue a code compliance certificate.

When you need a QA plan

A QA plan is required for building consents that involve:

  • residential or commercial weathertightness remedial re-clads (full or partial) including timber remediation
  • three or more residential units
  • staged consent
  • large commercial projects
  • a change of use to multi-use accommodation with three or more units
  • complex projects, for example infrastructure projects and significant alternative solutions.

We'll identify the need for a QA plan at a pre-application meeting or when your application is submitted.

Building consent pre-application meetings

Agreement to provide a QA programme on completion of work (54KB PDF)

What a QA plan includes

Your QA plan's level of detail depends on the size and complexity of your project.

All QA plans have a check sheet that includes:

  • the site details, job scope and service request number
  • the names and details of the contractors undertaking/supervising the work
  • a description of the areas/elevations of the work
  • a timeline with dates and key events summary

Quality assurance plan template (14KB XLSX)

Who's responsible for completing the QA plan

Your main contractor is responsible for ensuring the QA documentation is completed, and a copy provided to us once work is finished.

Information might also be added to the plan by:

  • facade engineers
  • structural engineers
  • geotechnical engineers
  • timber remediation experts/registered building surveyors
  • peer reviewers.

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