Sharrow road markings

Sharrow road markings help show where it's safest for people on bikes to ride on our roads. 

A white cycle symbol with two white chevron markings above it on a road surface.
Sharrow road marking

Sharrows are typically used:

  • at approaches to single-lane roundabouts
  • within our 30km/h suburban shopping areas
  • in the downhill bike routes
  • to help highlight quiet routes.

For drivers

Sharrow road markings are there to remind drivers they should expect to see people on bikes riding further out in the traffic lane.

Drivers should slow down and wait until they can pass safely.

For people on bikes

Sharrows are used to encourage people on bikes to take their place in the traffic and ride further towards the centre of the lane:

  • in slower speed areas, so you are well clear of parked vehicles
  • in the downhill direction and quieter routes
  • as you approach and ride through single-lane roundabouts.

The sharrow markings are not intended to show exactly where on the road you should ride.

Watch a video on how to use sharrows:

More information on riding in traffic and 'taking the lane' is in the code for cycling on the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency website.