Raised bus stop platforms

Raised bus stop platforms are shared zones for people using buses and bikes.  Find out how to use them safely.

At some bus stops around the city, there are raised bus stop platforms. The platforms are shared zones for bus users and cyclists. The footpath-height, accessible platforms will allow people to get on and off buses safely and cross bike lanes to the footpath.

Bus users

Bus users have the right of way at bus stop platforms. However, as these platforms are shared zones bus passengers should check for people on bikes when getting on and off buses and take extra care.


People on bikes do not have the right of way at bus stop platforms.

  • You must slow down for bus stop platforms and ride in a single file.
  • You must stop if there is a bus at the platform, as there may be people getting on and off buses.

Remember, not everyone is able to see, hear, or move quickly for people on bikes so it’s your responsibility to ride carefully.

Being considerate of others is a key part of making it safer and easier for more people to move around our city with fewer cars.