Bike and Bus Lanes

Wellington's cycle lanes, shared pathways and bus lanes help make it safer to cycle around the city.

Man in green shirt cycling next to a blue Mazda.

Bike lanes

Bike lanes are for people on bikes, including e-bikes and tricycles. You can find a map of the bike lanes in Wellington on the Greater Wellington Regional Council website.

Please note, NZ Transport Agency maintains the cycleway along State Highway 2 from Horokiwi to Ngauranga.

Shared paths

Shared path sign with image of a pedestrian and a bike.

Shared paths can be used by people who are walking, as well as those on bikes. If you're on a bike, you must give way to pedestrians.

Shared paths are identified by the above sign and/ or the same visuals on the ground. Please give other people space when you are approaching them, keep left and keep your speed to a minimum.

Bus lanes

People on bikes can use the lanes marked 'Bus Lane', but can only use those marked as 'Buses Only' under certain circumstances.

Watch a video about bike and bus lanes:

For further information and examples, see how bus lanes work.