Bikes in Schools fund

Schools wanting to implement a Bikes in Schools project can apply to this fund for a contribution towards their school’s project.

Please note

Due to the volume of applications, the School Cycling Support fund is now closed for this financial year.
If you wish to register your interest in potential future rounds you can do so via the expression of interest form below.

Large group of primary school children on bikes.
Bikes in Schools programme in action


We work with Bike On New Zealand Charitable Trust to support the kaupapa (purpose) of encouraging physical exercise, and upskilling students to confidently ride bikes. With our support of Bikes in Schools, over 4,500 Wellington city students can now ride bikes every day on purpose-built tracks within their school community.

In a pilot programme in 2014 we supported three schools with a Bikes in Schools project: West Park School (Johnsonville), Karori West Normal School (Karori), and Holy Cross School (Miramar). 

The pilot was so successful that an annual Bikes in Schools fund was created to financially support Bikes in Schools projects at other Wellington city primary and intermediate schools. 

In 2023 we expanded the scope of this fund to include capital works school projects that encourage biking in and/or to school. Funding for School Cycling Support projects is open to secondary schools as well as primary and intermediate schools.

Fund information

The Bikes in Schools fund is provided by Wellington City Council and administered by the Bike On New Zealand Charitable Trust, the creators of the Bikes in Schools programme. 

Schools can apply for funding for the following projects.

Implement their own Bikes in Schools project

A comprehensive biking project, including in-school purpose-built bike tracks, a fleet of new bikes, bike storage and cycle skills training. 

$120,000 is available for providing a Bikes in Schools project. The Council may contribute up to $60,000 (excl. GST) towards an individual school’s total Bikes in Schools project.  

Implement other School Cycling Support projects

A capital project that will encourage biking to, and/or in the school such as bike storage racks, in-school bike repair workshops and storage lockers for bike gear. Projects such as activations and events are not eligible for this fund.  

$65,000 is available for supporting cycling-related capital projects. The Council may contribute up to 75% of the project’s total cost. The school is required to provide three quotes and show a cost benefit analysis between options.

Fund requirements

The school must be within Wellington city boundaries.

  • Eligible school types include state, state-integrated, teen parent unit and special schools. Some private schools may also be eligible for the fund. Wellington City Council officers may provide discretion on a case-by-case basis.
  • The school agrees to work with council officers to determine the effectiveness of the capital project over at least a year.
  • The school must take ownership of the project. Bike On Trust and Wellington City Council can provide project support and advice to schools.
  • The school is required to contribute some capital to their school’s projects.

Application process

First, check whether your project meets the requirements above. If you have any questions, contact us to discuss your project by emailing

1. Starting your application process:  

  • Fill out the form below to register your interest and provide an overview of your project.
  • Reach out with any questions. 

2. Initial meeting with the Council: 

  • After filling out your form, we will be in touch to organise a meeting where we can collectively discuss your project aspirations and logistics.
  • If approved, a funding amount will be recommended. 

3. Project scoping: 

  • You and your school investigate and source three quotes for your project. 

4. The project begins:

  • A memorandum of understanding is signed.
  • Funds are released to the school, and your Bikes in Schools project can begin.

Here are some things you will need to consider in your application.

  • Do you have support from your community for this project? 
  • Do you have supplementary funds to fully fund your project?
  • How does the project align with the Trust’s Bikes in Schools recommendations?
  • How will the programme be incorporated as part of everyday life of your school? 

You can express your interest in applying to either fund using this online form and we will be in touch to discuss more:

Express your interest

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If you have any questions, contact our Bikes in Schools representative: