Road use fees

The following fees apply for all road uses from 1 July 2011.

These fees are for activities carried out on the roads under the Wellington City Council Code of Practice for working on the road or the National Code.

The term 'road' is defined in the code as Council roading and includes:

  • footpaths
  • carriageways
  • berms
  • batters
  • driveways.

All fees include GST.

Corridor Access Request (CAR) fees

Activity Fee
Standard processing $75
Inspection (may apply to each 20m length) $100
Re-inspection (may apply to each 20m length) $120
Callout inspection $150
Late notice $440
Further delay $35
CAR extra processing $95
Overdue penalty $40
Texturising (per m²) $7
Temporary Traffic Management (TMP) processing $95
Temporary Traffic Management (TMP) extra processing $95

Note: The TMP fee applies when approval is required from the Council-appointed Traffic Management Coordinator.

Fees for other uses of road

Construction and building maintenance

Processing fee: $100

More charges may apply, based on encroachment valuation or the use of parking.

Special licence fees

Application fee: $75

This fee applies when road or parking spaces on road are requested for a temporary event using road space as part of a licensed premises. More charges may apply, based on the use of parking. This use of road may also involve other consents, licences or approvals (such as temporary liquor licences), which may generate more fees.

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