Parking on a footpath

If you park on a footpath, you may receive a ticket.

Parking on the footpath has become commonplace throughout Wellington, however it causes safety risks to footpath users.

The Council recently revoked guidelines from 2005 which agreed that footpath parking was allowed on streets outside of the central and suburban centres if there was “reasonable space” for footpath users. The enforcement practice at that time was to allow one metre.

Now that the guidelines have been revoked, parking on a footpath anywhere in the city is an offence and you may be issued a parking ticket.

We want to focus on raising awareness of this change over the coming months.

You may receive a ticket

From 1 February 2022, any vehicle parked illegally on a footpath may be ticketed.

Note: Vehicles that would have been issued a ticket before the guideline was revoked will continue to be issued a ticket as per previous practice. 

If you receive a ticket

You can pay your parking ticket online using internet banking or by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). You have 56 days to pay the fee.

If you wish to appeal your ticket, you will need to provide an explanation and any supporting evidence. You can also view the photographs taken when the ticket was issued.

Pay or appeal a parking ticket

Where to park safely

Please help to keep footpaths accessible by finding a safer place to park. This may mean parking on an alternative street or using off-street carparks.

Places where you can park safely: