SmartPark Live

SmartPark Live is a GPS-activated parking payment method which is cloud-based and fully hands-free.

How to use SmartPark Live

A ‘plug & play’ GPS unit is located in your vehicle. This allows the SmartPark system to track when and where your vehicle is parking, and charges you automatically for the exact time parked.

Users pay a monthly subscription fee for the GPS unit and to use the payment platform ($8 for parking only or $20 for a GPS tracking bundle), then purchase pre-paid credit on the SmartPark Portal website. 

To order your GPS unit go to the SmartPark Live website.

SmartPark Live is ideal for business and fleet customers, as well as individuals who don’t have a smartphone but would like to use a pre-pay option.

Businesses can use SmartPark Live to manage their fleet’s parking activity and expenses. A full fleet management platform is available as an add-on service. 

Benefits to businesses of using SmartPark

  • Simplify your parking costs with one account for all vehicles.
  • Purchase parking credit in bulk and claim as an expense.
  • Allocate parking funds to vehicles registered to your account.
  • Monitor driver usage. 
  • Allocate parking expenses from specific locations to job costings.
Product image of the SmartPark GPS device.

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