News | 21 December 2023
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Our fave Welly highlights from 2023

As the end of the year draws near and we start to wind down, we’ve reflected on some of the wonderful and fun things that have happened in our city this year.

Two lifeguards coming out of a waterslide.

Top trending TikToks

  • Our lifeguards are a pretty fun crew. See for yourselves with this video.
  • Is recycling a scam? No it's not, and this video shows you why.
  • We teamed up with local businesses and community groups to give Cuba Street a clean. Check out the action here.
  • We took a look at what new students do when they arrive in Wellington.
  • Meet Miro, the professional penguin detector dog!
  • If you’re on borrowed time, don’t worry, our public toilets are here for you! 
Kiwi being held by a worker.

Newsiest news posts

Kiwis in Wellington

Thanks to the hard mahi (work) of Capital Kiwi, we now have Kiwi roaming freely in our hills! Some of our kiwi are pairing up nicely, and have begun to wander. 

Tākina opened its doors

Construction on Tākina Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre was completed earlier this year, and we've been able to enjoy some stellar exhibitions since it opened. With Jurassic World by Brickman® as our first exhibition, it wowed 92,000 visitors, with 36% coming from outside Wellington. Now, Wellingtonians can check out Marvel: Earth's Mightiest Exhibition during the summer months and Doctor Who to follow in June! 

Snow Leopards arrived at the zoo

The coolest cats in town, Asha and Manju, were welcomed to Wellington Zoo this year. Originally from Melbourne Zoo, these Snow Leopards have won the hearts of many Wellingtonians.

Whale in the harbour.

Whale in the harbour

We had a southern right whale visiting us in Pōneke over two days. They even stopped by the shore in Evans Bay! 

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 came to town

Our city hosted the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023™, and this was a monumental success. The results speak for themselves with over 230,000 fans at the games and over 60,000 attendees at the FIFA Fan Festival!  

Manners Mall Fountain, c. 1989

Top stories

Lost artworks of Wellington

Wellington is full of public works of art that blend seamlessly into our landscape. Sculptures effortlessly populate the waterfront and botanic gardens, while many murals and installations take pride of place on retaining walls, the sides of buildings and in the city’s parks.

21 facts about Tākina

Read on to discover more about the centre and what makes it a world-class venue.

Street Smart: Why are Wellington’s streets so darn narrow?

Ever wondered why Wellington’s streets are so darn narrow? Wellington City Council’s local historian Gábor Tóth recounts the tale.

Wellington's best foodie laneways

The food scene is strong in Wellington, with our little capital packed to the brim with wonderful cafes, restaurants, and bars. Take a trip down a foodie lane in the city, with our list of top five favourite laneways.

Calisthenics park still going strong

Since moving to Pōneke seven years ago, Jordan Berry has been able to make the city feel like home through finding a supportive calisthenics community and making the most of being active in Wellington’s green spaces.