News | 17 October 2023
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Preparing curtains for a good cause

Volunteer Lucy Harper is one of the many people offering up their time to help prepare curtains for those in need.

Woman wearing a red shirt and glasses sitting on a chair infront of a stack of curtains.
Lucy Harper at the Curtain Bank.

Run by Sustainability Trust, the Curtain Bank has been upcycling pre-loved curtains to provide to low-income families and individuals for over 15 years.

With a goal of keeping families warm in their homes, the Trust recognise that double layered curtains are one of the most effective ways to reduce energy bills, but that good quality curtains can be costly when you need to fit out a whole house or apartment.

Lucy is one of 25 volunteers that come into the Trust to sort and prepare curtains. Her role is to assess the quality of donated curtains, or to pick out the parts she can salvage, she says.

“I’m one of the rapid assessors and I go through the curtains that have been donated to check for mould, or if they are stained or smelly. We try to use everything we can, so sometimes even if the curtains aren’t looking their best we can always take the linings off, or clean up bits and pieces. 

“We can even take off curtain hooks or reuse the tape. Then we measure, organise them and get them ready for our wonderful sewers to work their magic.”

Woman in a red shirt and glasses working at a table and cutting an old curtain.

Lucy believes that curtains are crucial for the health of a home.

“Not only do curtains keep your house warm, but it stops it from becoming damp and mouldy. People should aim to have curtains that go to the floor so that cold air doesn’t drop down behind it. 

“Here at the Trust we care about the whole picture, and want healthy homes for the community. If you have any curtains to donate that can help a family or person in need, think of us!”

How you can help

If you would like to donate curtains, the Sustainability Trust can be found on Forrester’s Lane with a drop-off box in the entrance.

 Or, if you have a day a week (or fortnight) to volunteer for the Wellington Curtain Bank, Sustainability Trust would love to hear from you! You don’t have to be able to sew to volunteer for the Curtain Bank, they need volunteers who, like Lucy, can sort, assess and prep donated curtains to be re-sewn and made into new curtains for families in need.  If you’re interested in volunteering call the Trust on 0508 78 78 24.

How you can get curtains

To see if you are eligible for curtains, you can head to the Sustainability Trust website and find out how to measure up your curtains to give an end point for the sewers working their magic.