News | 8 August 2023
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Tips to keep your pet safe during fireworks

Fireworks can be a stunning sight for us humans, but not so much for our furry friends. The loud bangs can easily overwhelm animals, leading to stress, anxiety and panic. As pet owners, it's important to take steps to ensure the safety and happiness of our furry companions during firework displays. Here’s a guide to help keep your pets comfortable during upcoming celebrations.

Dog wrapped up in a beige blanket on a leather couch.
An anxious English Bull Terrier called Mabel, wrapped up in a blanket to calm her down during fireworks.

Stay home with your pets 

Try to avoid leaving your pets alone during firework events if they get anxious about them. You’re most likely their favourite and having their hooman nearby can comfort and reassure them. Ensure all windows are closed and doors are locked so they can’t get out if they get a fright. Remember to keep calm yourself too, as pets will pick up on your anxiety. 

Create a safe space 

Close all the curtains in your home and create a quiet and secure area in your house where your pets can retreat to. This space should be familiar to them and away from windows to reduce the effects of the bright lights and loud noises. Try including items that smell like you or your whānau to comfort your pet further. 

Have background noise 

Try to mask the sound of fireworks by playing soothing music, turning on the TV, or using a white noise machine. Spotify has a great playlist for keeping your pets calm

Make time for exercise and play 

A couple hours before the fireworks begin, give your pet plenty of exercise and play to tire them out. A well-exercised pet is more likely to be relaxed and less anxious. Fingers crossed they’re so tired that they sleep right through them! 

Put on ID tags 

Ensure that your pets are wearing their identification tags with your updated contact information. If they’re a dog, that’s their 'One Tag'. In case they were to escape, this will increase your chances of finding them much quicker.  

Head to a firework-free zone 

If possible, consider staying away from fireworks displays with your pets. Choose a quiet location, like a pet-friendly cabin in the countryside, or visit a friend that lives further away. 

Use calming aids 

You can always chat with your vet about using calming aids like anxiety wraps, pheromone sprays, or natural supplements to help ease your pets' anxiety. 

By following these tips, you can make firework displays less stressful and more enjoyable for your furry friends. For more information about keeping animals safe around fireworks, visit