News | 11 August 2023
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Friday Five: Fun recent Wellington highlights

We all know Wellington is cool, but in case you were in any doubt, here are five fun recent highlights from the capital to remind you of how amazing our corner of the world truly is.

Whale in the harbour.
Image from Bradley SG Creative.

1. Spotted - a southern right whale in the harbour!

What a treat to have a southern right whale visiting us here in Pōneke! A couple of them were spotted and spent two days in the capital, and even visited close to the shore in Evans Bay. We are so lucky to have such stunning marine life right on our doorstep! 

Small bird on a branch.
Titipounamu male. Image by Melissa Boardman.

2. Bird numbers are soaring

Our city is packed to the brim with amazing wildlife, and a recent survey reveals that no native birds are seriously at risk within the capital anymore! Better yet, since 2011 the average number of native bird species counted each year has risen by 41 percent. 

Read more about how our native birds are doing.

Fake recycling sticker.

3. Fake recycling stickers making the rounds

It's a known fact that Wellingtonians are passionate about recycling but one resident has taken it upon themselves to educate those who aren't playing by the rules. Some fake recycling stickers have been making their way around Welly, and while the humour is on point, these aren't the legit Council stickers! 

As much as we appreciate the creativity, we want to make sure you know that these stickers are not the real deal and they're not endorsed by WCC. Check out the fake recycling sticker that's popping up in some suburbs.

Brick wall with a sign reading 'Willis lane'.

4. New foodie lane in central city

The food scene is strong in Wellington, with our little capital packed to the brim with wonderful cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Take a trip down a foodie lane in the city, with our list of top five favourite laneways, including the newest kid on the block – Willis Lane. 

Kiwi being held by a worker.

5. Kiwi are thriving in the Wellington hills

Kiwi are thriving in the Mākara hills, ever since they were released earlier this year. With 63 Kiwi roaming freely and pairing up, these birds are putting on weight and doing well out in the wild. Read more about these precious manu

Watch out each Friday for a fun list of five great activities to do, places to explore, or things to discover in our awesome city.