News | 21 June 2023
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Colin Feral’s criminal past: EXPOSED

He’s the cutest security champion at the Council and the floofiest ginger – but will his dark past as a serial trespasser be his downfall? Or will his reformed ways prove an inspiration to many?

Colin the cat caught on camera at night.

Colin was rescued as a stray by an Animal Control Officer and has since risen through the ranks to become the official Chief Temperament Tester, where he works with dogs new to the Moa Point Dog Shelter to see how they behave around cats. But in this exclusive interview with his manager, Steph Simon, we learn there’s more to the story... 

“We got a call from someone in Strathmore needing help catching a feral mother cat and kittens. She was having litter after litter and the person wanted to help her," says Steph.

Colin and his siblings were often seen trespassing on other people’s properties, rocking up to homes like they owned them and demanding attention.   

Colin the cat hiding behind grass.
Image credit: Jo Moore Pet Photography.

“Normally we don’t get involved with cat stuff as it doesn’t fall under our role, but we saw a video of the kittens and they were so cute and fluffy that we offered one of our traps. We managed to catch the whole family," says Steph.

"We had been wanting a new shelter cat after the last one died a few years ago (natural causes). Colin was kept back mainly because he’s ginger and ginger cats have the spiciest personalities, so he’s perfect for our shelter. The rest of the family went to a cat rescue and were eventually all adopted out.”

Colin feral with his landyard.
Colin wearing his new ID card.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Colin came to the attention of the Security Team when he kept setting off the alarms at the shelter. To keep him on the straight and narrow, they issued Colin with his own ID card. Now he’s free to come and go as he pleases, with the proper authority!  

Wearing your ID is a mandatory requirement when you are working on site, whether you are a staff member, an intern, a contractor, or... a cat.  

Colin operates in a busy environment, so no matter how famous he has become, he still needs to be able to be identified. But perhaps the fame has gone to his head, as his manager says, “I try my best but he’s pretty difficult to work with on a good day”.