News | 15 May 2023
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Update on Elizabeth Street upgrades project

After receiving feedback from residents, Wellington City Council has made amendments to the proposed upgrades to Elizabeth Street in Mount Victoria.

Cracked footpath and damaged tree planter on Elizabeth Street

Engagement included Council officers meeting with residents on site to go through the proposed changes, providing a space where residents could raise any questions or concerns.


These conversations and engagement feedback all contributed to the project team making adjustments to the proposed plan.


The revised changes and the new proposed plan include:


  • Remove 22 trees and replace with 22 new trees in tree pits. Trees to be preserved are one Olive tree, one Kowhai and two European Ash trees.
  • Resurface the footpath.
  • Replace the kerbs.
  • Raise the intersection at Austin Street.
  • One car park will be removed.

The initial design proposed removing 21 coupon car parks. After receiving feedback from residents regarding existing parking constraints, as well as parking surveys being undertaken, that number has been reduced to one car park.


The trees that will be removed are Fig, Olive, Japanese Camellia, Alder and Ash trees.


After collating the feedback received via the consultation process about replacement trees and balancing that with the needs of the infrastructure in the street, the following trees will be planted in the area:


  • Large Tree – Ash
  • Medium Tree – Fruiting Olive
  • Small Tree – Michelia Yunnanensis

From 15-28 May residents can have their say on the proposed traffic resolution in their area.


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This resolution is only about the proposed resident and coupon parking changes, and the raised pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Austin Street – not the tree removal and replacement trees.