News | 17 April 2023
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Proposed upgrade gets to root of the problem

Council is seeking feedback from the community on a proposed upgrade to Elizabeth Street in Mount Victoria as it looks to future proof the area.

Cracked footpath and damaged tree planter on Elizabeth Street

Tree growth has considerably damaged the infrastructure meaning increasing costs to maintain the area, limited accessibility for the public and residents, as well as the health and safety risk due to tripping hazards.


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The proposed upgrade includes removing the 24 trees and replacing them with new ones in planter pits so the roots are confined within, resurfacing the footpath and replacing the kerbs.


While the olive trees are popular with the locals for harvesting and producing small batches of olive oil for the community, they are no longer fit for purpose on the street, so are likely to be replaced with deciduous ones like London plain tree and Magnolia tree.

Cracked footpath and damaged tree planter on Elizabeth Street

There have been 75 complaints logged relating to multiple issues on Elizabeth Street since 2019, including tripping hazards, uneven footpaths, sump blockages, and trees need trimming.


So now is the time to address these infrastructure problems before they get even worse, says Brad Singh, Manager Transport & Infrastructure.


“We explored the planting of native trees, but they were found to be unsuitable for this specific street as they are mostly evergreen and would cast plenty of shade over houses in the winter, which is not ideal for local residents.


“We also considered preserving and relocating the current trees, but it would cost around $25k per tree to do so, and it was discovered that the roots were so intertwined with the underground services that it would be impossible to remove them safely. This would also not be an effective use of ratepayer money.”

Elizabeth Street upgrade artist render with new trees and pits.
Elizabeth Street upgrade artist render

There are currently 74 car parks in Elizabeth Street, and as part of the proposed upgrade, 21 would likely be removed. This would provide greater pedestrian access and also allow the trees to thrive in the planter boxes. There will also be the opportunity to explore installing Electric Vehicle car parks and chargers.


Everyone can have their say on the Elizabeth Street upgrades from Monday 17 April to Friday 5 May. Go to