News | 17 March 2023
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Bikespace offering free community bike repairs and maintenance

For the last six years, Bikespace have been helping thousands of Wellingtonians to repair and learn how to maintain their bikes.

A person standing behind an ebike infront of a blue shipping container.
Bikespace mechanic, Antony Foster.

Operating out of a shipping container currently located on Cable Street, Bikespace provides a well-equipped workshop staffed by mechanics who assist with diagnosing issues, making repairs, and building bike confidence. The approach is equal parts teaching and fixing – with guests hands-on working with the mechanic on the repair.

Funding from Wellington City Council allows this service to be provided for free.

Often, people want to get out on their bikes but may not be able to afford repairs or are just unsure of how to go about it, says Bikespace mechanic Antony Foster.

“Everyone has different circumstances and a different budget for any required new parts, so our goal is to work with them and make their bike roadworthy and the best it can possibly be.

“Bikespace’s goal is to demystify the bicycle – to give everyone a better understanding of how a bike works plus the skills to fix and maintain their bike.  We want people to feel comfortable with their bikes and empowered to fix issues in the future.”

Now, this exciting community initiative is taking off on two wheels as they expand to provide a new service, Mobile Bikespace, which can be booked free of charge for businesses, community groups and events. 

A cargo bike has been set up with all the necessary tools for a mechanic, who will then make their way out to the event.

People standing outside of a shipping container, working on bikes,
Bikespace container on Cable Street. Image from Bikespace.

Antony believes this makes Bikespace more accessible for communities.

“It’s been great having people come down to see us, but a fixed location can be a barrier for some people. While some can stop by on their lunch breaks, after work or on the weekends, not everyone is able to get into town during the hours we operate. 

“By bringing Mobile Bikespace out to places like school events and businesses, we can open our services to a wider range of people.”

Customer Mike Nyland says using Bikespace and giving people knowledge of how to fix a bike can be life-changing.    

“Recently I had some major issues with my bicycle, which is my primary form of transport. It was very unsafe and unrideable. Everything had worn out, and it was going to cost a over $900 to get it repaired. People told me to buy a new bike but sending another bike to the landfill didn’t feel right.

"I headed to Bikespace over four weekends and $135 in parts, and now my bicycle is better than it has been in years. I've also gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and now feel confident to keep my family’s bikes in top condition. I also got my wife’s bike back going after not being operational for two years and serviced my children’s bikes too.”

Mike also adds that by fixing your old bike, you’re making a big difference for the environment.

“With climate change getting more pressing, keeping people out of cars and on their bikes is very important, not to mention the health benefits that come with it. Wellington is a great city to ride in and we are seeing more improvements every year. Keeping old bikes out of the landfill is important and Bikespace is not only helping people to fix their bikes but are resourceful about taking parts off old bikes to be reutilised.”

If you need to get help with your bike repair, head along to the Cable Street location. Email if you’d like to book Mobile Bikespace for your workplace or community event.