News | 16 September 2022
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Friday Five: Playtime spots in the city

It goes without saying that Wellington is full of awesome spaces and places, so why not try something new and explore these outdoor hot spots?

Three kids running down a path.
Matairangi Nature Trail

1. Matairangi Nature Trail

The trail is now a complete circuit perfect for family activities. Check out the cool new trail guide to encourage play, discovery and learning along the way – see Matairangi Nature Trail.

2. Freyberg Beach

The play space and neighbouring sandy beach sanctuaries are a hive of recreation all year round. Head to where the wild ocean meets the city. The beach is regularly replenished with fresh sand.

Person teaching a child how to skate.
Waitangi Skate Park

3. Waitangi Park, play space and skate zone

A local favourite and a jewel in the waterfront’s crown, Waitangi Park attracts users from all over the region. It’s a hub of action for all ages, and conveniently, it’s next to the Sunday Harbourside Market.

4. Jack Ilott Green, Jervois Quay

Vivita Aotearoa kids group designed four play games around the inner city. We really enjoyed ‘Sign Tag’ at Jack Ilott Green. Check out the games – go to Vivita Wellington play race.

5. Inner city laneways

We may have been conditioned to believe play belongs in a park or playground – but we think some of the best spots in our city can be hunting art in the nooks and crannies of quirky laneways such as Opera House Lane, Eva Street and Left Bank Cuba Mall.

Watch out each Friday for a fun list of five great activities to do, places to explore, or things to discover in our awesome city.