News | 22 August 2022
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Police Media Release - Wellington: Planned protest activity 2

There will be a significant Police presence around Wellington City ahead of planned protest activity expected to start tomorrow (Tuesday 23 August).

Police on patrol on the Wellington waterfront on a summer day.

Additional Police staff have been called in from outside of the Wellington Police District and plans are in place to respond if required.

Wellington District Police have put a traffic management plan into effect, restricting unauthorised vehicle movement and parking around Parliament and this will remain in place until the conclusion of the protest.

Road closures include the Parliament end of Lambton Quay, lower Molesworth Street, and Kate Sheppard Place.

Our message to commuters and people who work or move through the area is to plan ahead.

While we anticipate the traffic disruption to be minimal, there will be more people in the area, which may cause some delays.

Police respect the right to lawful protest.

However, any behaviour deemed unlawful or that disrupts people from going about their lawful business will not be tolerated.

Trespass orders remain in place for some people who were trespassed from Parliament earlier this year and we will look to enforce those orders.

Police will maintain a high-visibility throughout the city, particularly in the area around Parliament grounds.

Our focus will be around public safety and ensuring that the disruption to the public is kept to a minimum.


Issued by Police Media Centre

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