News | 19 July 2022
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Wellington’s Proposed District Plan open for consultation

Public submissions on Wellington City’s Proposed District Plan are now open following the official notification of the Plan yesterday (18 July). Submissions are open until 5pm on Monday 12 September.

An aerial shot of the city with sun glare shining in the corner.

At the end of last year Wellingtonians provided feedback on the Draft District Plan’s policies, rules and design guides to manage development of our city. 


There have been a number of changes from the Draft District Plan due to feedback from the community, the Government’s new rules on medium-density housing and changes from last month’s Council committee meeting to approve the Plan.


Rules for identified Significant Natural Areas not in residential zones, identified heritage listings, and most of the Medium Density Residential Standards now have legal effect following notification of the Plan.


The Proposed District Plan and information about how to make a submission is available online at There are also printed copies in libraries.


The process

After the consultation closes on 12 September, submissions will be available to view alongside a summary of views and points made in the submissions. At that point anyone can make a ‘further submission’ supporting or opposing the views and points made. This consultation period will take place before the end of the year.

Formal hearings will take place starting early next year with decisions on parts of the District Plan related to housing intensification completed by the end of 2023 (about 60% of the Proposed Plan). There are no appeals to the Environment Court on these parts.

The rest of the Proposed Plan (40%) that goes through the standard Part 1, Schedule 1 RMA process must be issued no later than July 2024. Any submitter can appeal a decision on these parts to the Environment Court.