News | 4 March 2022
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Shorland Park playground swings into action

Island Bay’s Shorland Park playground opens to the public today and there’s something for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Shorland Park Playground opens with Mayor Foster and Councillors Fitzsimons and Foon
Shorland Park Playground opens with Mayor Andy Foster, and Councillors Fleur Fitzsimons and Laurie Foon

In 2020, Wellington City Council asked the local community for ideas about what they’d like at the park, and the resulting concept design has now come to life.

The popular but aging play area now has integrated active, imaginative and cognitive play opportunities, a variety of play experiences, many of which are specifically designed for different age groups and better accessibility. These include new swings, a new slide, a flying fox, and a ship structure.

Mayor Andy Foster says the Shorland Park playground upgrade has created an exciting environment for children to learn while having a great time on the flying fox, snail climber and tipping spinner.

“The upgraded Shorland Park will provide a fun, challenging and great learning experience for generations to come – not just for the local community but for all of those who visit this lovely coastal area.

“Shorland Park is one of the most special Wellington playgrounds, being so close to the sea. It’s a place the community comes together every day as well as hosting many events, especially the much-loved Island Bay Festival.

“I am now looking forward to seeing more playground upgrades right across the city as part of the Council’s vision for Wellington 2040, making the city an inclusive, sustainable and creative capital for all people of all ages to live, work and play.”

Councillor Jill Day, Chair of the Social, Cultural and Economic committee, says there is more to playgrounds than play.

“Playgrounds provide a space for recreation, development, the building of friendships and relationships, and an overall positive quality of life.

“This site will do all that as well as being a place for the whole whānau to come and spend quality time together in a safe, fun and relaxed environment.”

Paekawakawa/Southern Ward Councillor Fleur Fitzsimons says it was clear what the community wanted from the well-used area, and the Council listened and delivered.

“Feedback was pretty standard across the board with most comments interested in the provision of shade, swings, space, accessibility, and to keep the snail – and these have all been incorporated into the final design.”

The estimated cost of the playground is $523K.

The public toilets around the park were upgraded last year and an outdoor shower installed, a refurbishment of the band rotunda is currently being considered.

There are 107 playgrounds across Wellington City, ranging in size and play equipment – lots of different options and always one near you.