News | 10 February 2022
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Street Smart: Places on our borders

Find out about the Wellington streets living life on the edge, the edge of the city’s border that is.

A black and white photo of a couple on a dirt road on the back of a motorbike being followed by two dogs.

Takapu Road in 1974, Wellington City Libraries, 50006-409

Wellington City is made up of 57 suburbs, spread across five wards. Our borders stretch all the way from Ōwhiro Bay up to Tawa, but some of our streets are closer to those borders than others. Here are five examples of streets on the edge of our city.

1. Turriff Crescent

Turriff Crescent is not only close to the city’s border, but also sliced in half by it. Most of the residents live in Tawa, but the ones right at the end of the cul-de-sac technically live in Porirua. There is no obvious marker to indicate the address change. You can literally step out of Wellington without realising it!  

2. Rembrandt Avenue 

Rembrandt Avenue is located in Linden which is part of Wellington, but the only way to access it is via Main Road which is actually in Porirua. So you have to cross the border in order to get back inside it.  
3. Takapu Road 

While many might think that the most eastern street in Wellington city is in Seatoun, it’s actually Takapu Road in Tawa! This long winding road leads right up to the new Transmission Gully motorway, snaking through the remote Takapu Valley. 

4. Horokiwi Road 

While Takapu Road might be the most eastern street in Wellington, Horokiwi is not far behind. It sits right by the border of Lower Hutt which is separated by a large area of bush and the Horokiwi Quarry. 

5. Broken Hill Road 

Broken Hill Road is another street that crosses the boarder of two cities. The road swerves back and forth through Tawa and Ohariu, but as soon as it reaches the Spicer Landfill, it becomes part of Porirua.