News | 18 February 2022
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Slip worries keep Tawa's Main Road closed

Main Road, Tawa, will remain closed to through traffic between McLellan Street and Victory Crescent at least until mid-next week due to concerns about the stability of the large land slip that came down on Tuesday this week.

The landslip blocking Main Road, Tawa.


Diversions for through traffic are:

Southbound - via McLellan Street, Duncan Street and Tawa Street.

Northbound – via Victory Crescent and Fyvie Avenue.


Vehicle access to the Tawa shopping area from the south is unaffected.


Wellington City Council’s Transport and Infrastructure Manager, Brad Singh, says the slip is blocking both lanes of the road – and there are concerns that more material could come down, including large boulders.


“We’ve got geotechnical experts looking at the site and are considering our options to make it more stable – including a long-reach excavator and getting abseilers in to get rid of the remaining rocks at the top of the face.”


Mr Singh says the work is expected to take a number of days – pedestrians are warned not to try to take a short-cut past the slip. “There’s a real risk more material could come down at any time before we get our resources working on site.”