News | 17 December 2021

Friday Five: Our social media highlights of 2021

Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' belting from every store signals that it's almost the end of the year. That means it's time for a round-up of our social media highlights from the wild ride that was 2021.

Jan Yorke wearing her orange hi-vis uniform and pink hard hat smiling at the camera.

1. Meet Jan Yorke, the friendliest face in Ngaio Gorge

In November we gave a shoutout to Jan and her smiley face after several people mentioned that she brightens up their trip through the Ngaio Gorge road works. This became our most popular Facebook post of 2021, with over 2000 likes! 

The comments section was filled with love and appreciation for Jan with over 400 people sharing their own personal messge for her.

It just shows, something as simple as a smile or a wave can make someone's day. Check out the post to read more comments like this one:

"Jan you are awesome. I loved your smile and waves so much on the way down the gorge I made a special detour on the way back home instead of Onslow Road just to get a second dose! You are a ray of sunshine."

A fake black and white poster with a picture of the Bucket Fountain with text that reads

2. The Lost Bucket  

In October a great Wellington heist took place - the theft of the yellow bucket from the Cuba Street Bucket Fountain. 

It wasn't the first time a bucket has made a splash in the media. In 2016 another yellow bucket was stolen and returned with a psychedelic pattern painted inside. 

Our Facebook post about the missing piece of art received over 1000 likes, but sadly the bucket has still not been returned. Work is currently being done to reinstall a new bucket over the Christmas period. 

Check out the post here

A screenshot of a Tweet about a lost peacock which was found walking around Newlands, with a photo of the peacock in the post.

3. Found Peacock 

In February a rogue peacock was spotted wandering around Newlands and was taken into the animal shelter. The noisy bird ran amuck at the animal shelter for a few days before being returned to its owner. 

This lonely peacock became our most popular post on Twitter for the whole year with nearly 600 likes and 200 retweets.

You can read the thread (which includes some great name suggestions) here

A dog posing in the window of the Wellington Cable Car cardboard cut out.

4. Bark and Ride trial 

During November a trial was held to see if the Wellington Cable Car was a good place for dogs.  

The trial was a barking success, with dogs now able to travel on the Cable Car at off-peak times. 

Our Instagram post announcing the trial which featured Pablo the bulldog going for a ride quickly became a crowd favourite, with over 1000 likes.

You can see the post and all the photos here

Image of Mittens with certificate and key to the city

5. Mittens moves on (more of a lowlight than a highlight)

In November we found out that Mittens is leaving Wellington. His Royal Floofiness and his owners are making the move to Auckland to be closer to whānau.  

Of course people were shocked when they heard the news, and our Facebook post received over 500 cry reacts alone. You can see the post and read all the heartbroken comments here

We also published a story reflecting on all the great things his popularity has done for Pōneke that you can read here.  

Watch out each Friday for a fun list of five great activities to do, places to explore, or things to discover in our awesome city.