News | 16 November 2021
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Tamariki have their say on biking

As feedback comes in on Paneke Pōneke, Wellington City Council's plan for a citywide network of safe connected biking and scooting routes, tamariki are having their say too.

Landscape image of young child with adult pushing bikes

Just over 200 young Wellingtonians have commented so far in the online Tamariki Zone, and the single most common reason they like to bike is because it’s fun.

The plan to develop a network of safe routes is a part of setting the city up for the future and making it possible for more people of all ages and abilities to get to more places in low carbon ways. 

The online tamariki zone is something new we are trialling to help encourage more young Wellingtonians to take an interest and share their thoughts.

The percentage fluctuates, but of the under 14-year-olds we’ve heard from so far, about 65 percent say they would like to ride more. 

They talk about how biking is fun, how it makes them feel happy, good, strong and fit – and unsurprisingly, they are firmly focussed on the future, environment, and health of the planet too.

Many are Gen Alpha, the generation born after 2010, which will experience life at the turn of the next century if they live to an old age. These are just a few of their thoughts on biking:

  • “It gets me places quickly and it doesn’t pollute the earth.”
  • “It’s a fast and easy way to get around without your parents driving you.”
  • “I like biking because it’s fun, good for the environment and I can get to school faster.”
  • “It is a fun eco safe way to get around and it makes me feel like I am flying.”
  • “It saves petrol, it means that we don't have to pollute the planet. I get exercise. It's fun and I can do it with my friends.”
  • “Because it helps me release my anxiety and it gives me joy.”

They have other things to say too. If you have, or know children who might be interested, please encourage them to take a look and share their thoughts.

There’s lots of information for everyone about the planned bike network and the different ways it will be developed. Please check the maps and provide your feedback by 14 December.