News | 15 October 2021
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Wellington first in New Zealand to join international food pact

Wellington City Council will be the first city in Aotearoa to sign up to the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact next week, joining a global movement for sustainable urban food systems.

Gardeners busy at Innermost Gardens

The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP) is an international framework for urban food systems based on the principles of sustainability and social justice.

The MUFPP has been signed by 211 cities across the globe, representing 350 million inhabitants, and Wellington will be the first in the country to join when Mayor Andy Foster signs up on Monday.

“This is the first action in Wellington’s Sustainable Food Action Plan, recognising food systems as a priority, bringing a wide range of social and economic benefits to the city, and integrating sustainable food options and opportunities into the many initiatives and projects we are working on,” says Mayor Foster.

“This action plan can be incorporated into the way we approach urban design, and many aspects of our strategy and development that focuses on improved social, health, economic, and environmental outcomes.

“Food sustainability is already addressed as a key aspect of resilience in Our City Tomorrow – Draft Spatial Plan, and will be a priority for us as we want to provide a solid base for future generations to build on.”

The online signing event will include speeches from Wellington Mayor Andy Foster, Councillor Laurie Foon, City of Sydney’s Councillor Jess Miller, and Vice-Mayor of the City of Milan, Anna Scavuzzo.

Launched by the Milan Municipality in 2015, the MUFPP’s main aim is to support cities wishing to develop more sustainable urban food systems by fostering city to city cooperation and best practices exchange.

“Being a part of this international agreement demonstrates our commitment to sustainable food systems so no-one goes hungry, everyone can eat healthily, we minimise waste, protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint,” says Councillor Laurie Foon.

“Supporting access to local food is a global movement so it is great to be able to join forces with so many countries around the world, and sharing ideas, techniques and innovations is the key to us improving every part of the food chain from turf to surf.”

The MUFPP is not legally binding, provides a platform for the sharing of best practice, and has no financial commitment.

Due to COVID restrictions, speeches and the signing of the form will only be available to view online.

Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Public Signing Event

Date: Monday 18 October 2021
Time: 2:30-3:15pm NZST