News | 22 September 2021
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Ways to help Wellington be net zero carbon

We're working towards being a net zero carbon capital by 2050, and roughly halving our emissions by 2030 along the way. Here are fives ways each of us can take climate action to help achieve this goal.

A man riding a bike that has two kids on seats secured to the back, riding uphill in a bike lane against a steep dirt hillside.

1. Break up with your car

How much of your life can you achieve with your feet, your bike or a bus? Plan ahead for how you can get to places differently. Explore public transport options or car share services. If you have to use a car, set a goal of upgrading to electric.

2. Eat plant based food 

Choose a predominantly plant-based diet, reduce your consumption of meat and dairy to low levels, and increase your consumption of plant proteins. Enjoy experimenting with vegetarian recipes – make it a whānau or flat challenge to find the tastiest meals! 

A grey plate on a wooden table with two slices of freshly-baked bread, covered in a beetroot hummus topped with perfect avocado slices, baby tomatoes, and microgreens.

3. Advocate

Climate change is a challenge for us all. Make sure you're part of the conversation, get involved in what policies are being set and make your voice heard. Get ready to challenge yourself and others to find new ways to live, work and play in a city without fossil fuels.

4. Buy things to last

Before you buy, take time to think about whether you really need that item. Do you already own something similar, or do you have something else that could be repaired? Where possible avoid making throwaway purchases – find out how long an item will last, what it's made from and what will happen to it when you've finished with it.

5. Connect to people and place

Chat with your neighbours and community about how you can all take climate action together. Think about local green spaces and how you can support them. Plant some natives nearby, work on a community garden, create compost.