News | 23 July 2021
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Wellington’s magical fairy village

There once was a little fairy who visited the Botanic Garden and sprinkled her special fairy dust all over the Pukatea Bush Walk to create a magical village for her and her fairy whānau.

The sign for the

Hidden inside the Wellington Botanic Garden ki Paekākā, just a few steps from the duck pond, you’ll find an enchanted forest full of mushroom huts, woodland wonderlands, and mini treehouses.

Take a walk through the mini village and explore the creations of the Wellington fairy, and creations made by the public.

Tamariki can contribute to the fairy village by bringing little homes or creative inventions to make the village even more magical…but please do not remove any items from the little garden. 

A hand made little red mushroom nestled into the leaves on the ground with a dish beside it containing three small eggs.

The purpose of the fairy village is to create a special place to focus on the small details of nature, stretch our imaginations and collaborate with others in our community.

The fairy village was placed by one of our garden apprentices as part of a Hidden Gardens project in Wellington.  

A tree stump on the forest floor that has been painted to loook like a little house.

How do we find the fairy village? 

From the main entrance on Glenmore Street (Founders’ Entrance), head towards the duck pond and continue to walk up the hill.

Only a few steps past the pond, you’ll see two paths that fall off the left-hand side of the main track.

Take the second left and walk down the path to the Pukatea Bush Walk. Once you cross the bridge, you’ll spot the bright orange and purple fairy village location sign on your left.  

The sign and bridge leading to the Pukatea Bush Walk in the Wellington Botanic Garden.

Head over to our Instagram and check out our Fairy Village story highlight to see a short tour on how to find the magical garden. 

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