News | 2 June 2021
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Council resets, in name and spirit

Wellington City Council has held its first committee meeting today as recommended in the Winder Report on Council governance.

Image of 2019 Councillors at the inauguration
Councillors at 2019 inauguration

The inaugural meeting of Pūroro Rangaranga - Social, Cultural and Economic Committee marks the establishment of the new committee structure that supersedes the previous portfolio system.

“The new committee structure will streamline Council’s way of working and empower the Council to address Wellington’s most pressing needs,” says Mayor Andy Foster

Five ‘Committees of the Whole’ consisting of all elected members and two mana whenua representatives, and four ‘Committees of the Part’, have been established to maximise process and decision making.

“The introduction of the new committee structure coincides with the establishment of mana whenua seats. This is an exciting step for Wellington, and we look forward to working with mana whenua on the new committees,” says Councillor Jill Day, Chair of Pūroro Rangaranga - Social, Cultural and Economic Committee.

The naming of the committees has been inspired by the legend of Kupe’s pursuit of Te Wheke a Muturangi (an Octopus). For this metaphor we have used the nine brains of the octopus, with the main central brain (Council) controlling the overall octopus, and each other interdependent brain controlling each of the eight kāwai (tentacles).

“Our vision is that the committees will work in both name and spirit and that their identity is also reflected in Te Reo Māori,” adds Mayor Foster.

Pūroro Tahua

Finance and Performance Committee

The brain which controls the feasting (a feast being used metaphorically for funds)

Pūroro Āmua

Policy, Planning and Environment Committee

The brain which holds the foresight of the future, looking ahead, the GPS brain

Pūroro Waihanga

Infrastructure Committee

The creative and building brain that is focused on putting building blocks together to create magnificent structures

Pūroro Rangaranga

Social, Cultural and Community Services Committee

The brain which aims to bring and intertwine things together, people focused, binding and combining for maximum impact

Pūroro Maherehere

Annual Plan/LTP Committee

The brain which plans, maps out, charts the way forward through critical thinking of how to put one foot in front of the other

Pūroro Hātepe

Regulatory Processes Committee

The brain which looks at processes, works out how to achieve the tasks at hand and looks to improve efficiency

Ngutu Taki

CEO Performance and Review Committee

The beak of the octopus which is used to feed the octopus and guide the internal direction

Kāwai Māhirahira

Audit and Risk Subcommittee

As a subcommittee, this uses the tentacle metaphor and is the inquisitive, curious, inquiring tentacle

Kāwai Whakatipu

Grants Subcommittee

As a subcommittee, this is also a tentacle which is about growing communities and empowering others

New Wellington City Council governance structure can be found in the website's governance section