News | 19 May 2021
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Southern Landfill Transfer Station to close for repairs

The Transfer Station at Wellington’s Southern Landfill is to close temporarily on weekdays while the roof replacement is being carried out – but it will be open as usual at weekends.

Image of corrosion on Transfer Station roof
Corrosion on Transfer Station roof

Work on the replacement starts Monday 14 June and is expected to last for at least five weeks. The closure will impact domestic customers dropping-off general waste, hazardous waste and green waste, but commercial waste operators will not be affected.


The Tip Shop, Recycle Centre and Capital Compost will remain open.


Manager, Waste Operations, Emily Taylor-Hall says the work is important for safety reasons, and urges people to plan ahead and be patient.


“This will cause some disruption, as the Transfer Station being closed during the week means weekends will be busy and we’re expecting long queues and delays. Our advice to customers is to try and get rid of their waste ahead of the work starting, and not to come unless it’s absolutely essential.”


Alternative disposal facilities are available at Seaview Transfer Station, Silverstream Landfill or Spicer Landfill in Porirua.


There is no ideal time to close the Transfer Station, but the works have been timed as best they can to minimise the impact on customers, says Emily.


“There is historically low demand for the Transfer Station during June and July. Initially, we considered keeping the Transfer Station open during the works, but unfortunately, this proved too risky from a health and safety perspective and significantly increased the cost of the project.


“The Transfer Station is about 25-years-old and is an important part of the Southern Landfill infrastructure. There is significant corrosion on the roof, and while there’s no immediate risk, it’s important to replace it now before it deteriorates any further.”


The roof is around 60 metres long by 8 metres wide, and provides shelter to users and minimises wind-blown litter. Hours and location for the Transfer Station can be found on our website.


What work is planned?

The roof of the Southern Landfill Transfer Station, where customers drop off their waste, is being replaced.

Why does the roof need to be replaced?

The transfer station roof is approximately 25 years old and there is significant corrosion on the roof. There’s no immediate risk, but we’d like to replace it before it deteriorates further.

When will the work be carried out and how long will it take?

Start Monday 14 June for approximately five weeks – but it is weather dependant.

Who will carry out the work?

Newton Roofing.

How much will the work cost?

The cost for the whole project is around $200,000.

What are the impacts on customers?

The Transfer Station will be closed from Monday to Friday for the duration of the work. It will be open as usual on Saturday (7.30am – 5pm) and Sunday (9am – 5pm).

Which customers will be affected?

The works will impact domestic customers who are dropping off general waste, hazardous waste and green waste at the Transfer Station.

Commercial waste, asbestos, contaminated soil, hazardous waste disposers with the ability to tip safely at the relevant waste areas will not be affected.

The Tip shop, recycle centre, compost sales will not be affected.