News | 15 April 2021
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Johnsonville Market applies for Resource Consent

Organisers have confirmed they will continue with the process to obtain resource consent from Wellington City Council to keep the Johnsonville Market operating at its current site.

Generic image of vegetables in market environment

Pre-application for a resource consent was made last year after the market was closed following a complaint from a member of the public – it had previously been operating every Sunday since 2012.

Complaints Council has received relate to matters including traffic congestion, parking issues and early morning truck noise.

Application for resource consent means it will now be publicly notified so the wider community can make submissions, which could take up to three months to process.

The public notification and details on how to make a submission will be on the engagement sections of our website when the process starts. 

Council has given the market permission to keep operating while the resource consent is processed.

The market, located on Johnsonville School premises on Ohariu Road, helps support funding for the school and unsold produce is given to Kiwi Community Assistance to support local food banks, school lunch programmes, local families in need and the women’s refuge.

Markets in the CBD and those operating in commercial areas don’t require resource consent.