News | 22 January 2021
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Behind the Stalls: Louis Sergeant

In Behind the Stalls, we visit some of the colourful characters of Wellington waterfront’s Harbourside Market. In the final story of 10, we meet French chef and macaron master Louis Sergeant.

Twelve bright pink macarons with chocolate macarons behind, neatly displayed in a plastic holder.

Are you a coffee person? Or maybe you’re more into fruity passionfruit, or fresh mint? Or are you someone who goes for anything chocolate?

No matter your tastes, Louis Sergeant has a macaron flavour for everyone. And spanning all the colours of the rainbow, it’s probably safe to say that Louis’ macarons would be hard to beat.

“After 20 years, you get good at it,” he says. “It’s more about the process. It takes at least two days to make a macaron. The main ingredients are egg white and almond flour. You need to bake them, make the filling, and put them in the freezer to get that perfect texture.”

Originally from Calais in France, Louis has worked at top establishments around Europe, including famous Paris pastry house Lenotre, and is recognised as one of New Zealand’s best pastry chefs.

Louis says, coming from France, he has always been passionate about food, but particularly sweet treats.

“Sweet makes people smile and brings happiness. Making sweets for people is like sharing the love.”

Louis has many hobbies. He admits he’s “a bit of a geek” and enjoys gaming and comics. He also loves cooking for friends and, as a fashion lover, he delights in shopping for clothes.

“I can get bored easily, so I like to try different things and different flavours. I like the creation side of things. It’s like fashion – you’re never going to wear the same clothes all the time – you need to mix it up.”

Louis, who previously worked at Wellington’s Hippopotamus Restaurant, has a production kitchen in Rongotai, a French patisserie at Raumati Beach, and his macarons are available for purchase online .

He and his famous sweet delights are also at Wellington Waterfront’s Harbourside Market on Sundays.

Croissants and pasties made by Wellington-based French chef Lois Sergeant, displayed in baskets.

Quick Q&A with Louis

How long have you been attending Harbourside Market?
I used to come to the market to buy fresh produce. I decided to get involved and I contacted Wellington City Council. I’ve been selling my products here for about 10 months.

What makes the Harbourside Market unique?
You get lots of foodies. All the artisan and local products on offer are very specific, which makes it special. It’s a nice atmosphere compared to other markets – it’s not just all concrete – there’s trees, the place isn’t too big, and all the stalls are nicely spaced, not too close. It’s got a good atmosphere.

And your most popular macaron is?
The flavour depends on the type of person, but passionfruit, mint, and coffee are all popular flavours.