News | 21 December 2020
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Top ten sellers at the Tip Shop

The team at the Tip Shop have come up with a list of their best-selling items – just in time for Christmas.

Wellington City Council is committed to reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

The Tip Shop and Recycle Centre is just one of the ways we divert waste from the landfill.

Before you throw out that old toaster or that set of golf clubs gathering cobwebs in the garden shed, consider giving it a second life at the Tip Shop.

For more information, head to their webpage. 

Here’s what the hardworking team had to say about their top 10 best sellers:

1. Our paint from the Transfer Station never lasts long in the shop.

2. Capital Compost products are always in high demand. Here's Ray showing off our Mulch!

3. People love records at the Tip Shop. They're a bargain at only $1 each! 

4. We sell a huge range of electronics. From kitchen appliances, stereos, and lamps to cords, chargers and laptops. Our customers love them. 

5. All things tools and renovation are popular with our customers (and with Shelali, below).

6. Our 200L emergency water tanks fly out the door. Luckily we've got lots of stock for the Christmas period.

7. Blankets, linens and clothes are good sellers.

8. Bikes of all shapes and sizes sell well at the Tip Shop. Here's Finn with one dropped off recently.

9. Puzzles and games are super popular with people of all ages and usually only cost a few dollars. 

10. Here's Jemma with some ceramic pots and vases. These items never last long on the shelves.