News | 21 December 2020
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Fun-filled Whānau Day at Nairnville

The sunshine welcomed more than 400 local residents to Nairnville Park on Sunday.

Families having fun outdoors at the Nairnville Recreation centre.

Families came along with picnic blankets and food, looking to relax with each other in the middle of the Christmas rush.

Nairnville Recreation Centre staff wanted to host an event which celebrated their local community, their amazing centre, and to provide a fun and playful event after a tough year for everyone.

Playful activities were set up throughout the park and inside the Recreation Centre for the Nairnville’s Whānau Fun Day. Food trucks were serving lunch, coffee, and ice cream throughout the day.

Recreation Manager Nic Foster says families spent the day lounging on the grass and playing in the backyard-games play area, with kids running "free-range" for hours.

The mother of a four-year-old girl was grateful the event was held.

"My daughter is having so much fun! It’s all free, so she can try new games! Thank you!”

Wellington City Council Project Specialist Peta McMillan says she enjoyed many conversations with families on the day.

"Families were just happy to be able to come along to a free, child-friendly event and enjoy the sun, music, food and play with stuff in an unstructured and child-led way.

“One family with a young boy talked about the challenges they have keeping their son interested in playing for any length of time. The young boy who usually struggles focusing stayed at the event for over four hours playing!

“The Denton family spent over two hours at the event with their pet dog, Luna, who lapped up the extra attention and mum and dad enjoyed playing with the ‘old-school’ toys. The three Denton children were excited about coming to an event the whole family could enjoy.

"Play at home for the Denton family usually consists of being outside on the trampoline, writing or drawing inside. The play day reminded the Dentons how easy and important playing as a family is, and they mentioned replacing their old swing ball set with a new one after having so much fun on the one at Nairnville," Peta says.

The Denton whānau gave some nice feedback.

“Thanks for a lovely day. We fully enjoyed ourselves and the kids had a ball! The team were very helpful and friendly, the games were educational and the blow-up in the gym tired my kids out - happy mama here! Food was amazing. Fingers crossed that there will be more events like this.”

More play events like Nairnville’s Whānau Fun Day are scheduled to continue throughout the summer. Keep an eye on @wgtncc social media channels for more information.