News | 26 November 2020
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Spring is sprung, the grass is riz

The City Council’s mowing team is flat-out at the moment as they deal with the lengthy result of a wet and warm spring.

A Council mowing expert giving a community park some TLC on a ride-on lawn mower. Playground equipment and flats can be seen in background.

The grass in our parks and reserves is growing like topsy – and we’re getting a few complaints from residents who want their local park or reserve area to get its crew cut before Christmas and the summer break.

Park reserves, the odd play area and dog exercise areas are the main source of complaints.

We’re on top of the playing surfaces for our sportsfields although preparation of cricket pitches was delayed by two weeks due to heavy rainfall meaning we couldn’t get our heavy rollers onto the blocks.  

We’ve got a team of nine mower operators working extended hours to try and keep on top of things. They’re making good progress – but we’re just asking you to cut them some slack while they prioritise the popular and busy parks over quieter spaces. We’ll get there!