News | 22 November 2020
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A trip down website memory lane

With the launch of Wellington City Council’s refreshed website, we thought we’d go back in time to see what it looked like in days past.

Photo of our homepage from 2005.

Remember this one? It’s from 2005. 

If you had used your dial-up back in the day to check your recycling schedule, this is the Wellington City Council homepage that would have greeted you. 

In fact, it was the basic look and feel of our site up until 2013. 

Containing many of the same sections as now, it also had some nifty features, including a quick print option on our photo galleries - because who doesn’t want to print off photos of Lambton Quay traffic? Nice one. 

Photo of our early image gallery view.

By 2010 we’d become much more social media savvy, and had added in a few funky icons along the top of the homepage. 

(If you’re interested, we still have a WCC Flickr account, and it has a lot of photos to explore...) 

Photo of our homepage from 2010.

As for the main background colour? Hard to name. But a quick poll in the office brought responses of “trout”, “two shades of grey”, “porpoise”, and a “sad teal” 🙁.  

In 2013 we decided we’d go black and yellow, launching a much refreshed site that brought the most popular links to the fore.  

At the time it was the first local government site to be responsive - meaning the design reformatted to better suit the size of the device you were using. 

We also had a weather icon for a while, too. 

Photo of our homepage from 2013.

And with that, here we are in 2020, with a newly refreshed, rejuvenated site - the one you’re using now. 

Key new features include an updated and improved new information structure and navigation, as well as more te reo Māori. We've tested and refined the design with users to make sure it is intuitive. 

We've also made sure that foreground to background is high contrast and the font size is bigger to make the site easier to read. 

Photo of our brand new homepage from 2020.

So next time you need to double check your recycling day, have a look around the site, click on a few links, and discover what our new website has to offer. 

We really hope you like it.